...majhno podjetje z veliko divjačine...

About Us


The modern pace of life is changing our habits, but does not change our taste buds. Slovenian forests are known synonym for diverse and healthy wildlife. Only game from such forests and careful processing can provide high quality raw materials in order to prepare high quality dishes. Dishes, which smells are rich and will satisfy all customers.

Boundless love for hunting and the game of culinary specialties led an experienced butcher to a small valley on the outskirts of the forest Kocevje, that created a seed that harvested the vision to offer and supply the consumer with high quality Slovenian dried venison and wild game specialties.

The game is supplied directly from deer hunting clubs and wildlife reserve and in our small plant we process meat that is vacuum packed and frozen. Our plant is under constant veterinary supervision. Activity in our plant also includes its own production of smoked venison specialties. Employees at the plant are eager to preserve and guarantee the best quality game meat products.